A Better Tomorrow

Supercool mobster Mark (Chow Yun Fat) is a man of honor in a world of crime. His partner Ho (Ti Lung) is having second thoughts because kid brother Kit (Leslie Cheung) is an ambitious cop. Kit remains blissfully ignorant until Ho is doublecrossed, their father is murdered and Ho is imprisoned.

Mark swears to avenge his friend, but his right le is shattered in the ensuing shoot-out, a legendary scene of sensationally choreographed gunplay. When Ho leaves the prison he finds the crippled Mark reduced to scrubbing dirt off the gang bossī stretch limo. Both are determined to go straight, but neither Kit nor the crimelords are done with them yet. Finally, Mark Ho and Kit must face their destiny in a blazing crossfire of conflicting loyalties and hot lead. Who will survive?

John Woo creates a finely tuned balance of strong characterization and ballistic action, while Chow is flawless in the role which launched him into superstardom.

Cast and Credits

Production (1986) Cinema City/Golden Princess

Running Time : 95 Minutes

Produced by : Tsui Hark

Executive Producer : Wan Ka Man

Directed by : John Woo

Written by : John Woo, Chang Wing-Hang, Leung Suk Wah

Screenplay by : Chang Hing Kai, Leung Suk Wah

Director of Photography : Wong Wing-Hang

Film Editor : Kam Ma

Art Director : Bennie Lui

Music by : Joseph Koo

Cast :

Chow Yun Fat - Mark Lee

Ti Lung - Sung Chi-Ho

Leslie Cheung - Kit


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