The Beauty and the Queen

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl who lived in the valley with her family. Every night she looked up to the hill where the evil Queen lived, wishing she lived there so near the stars.

The Queen had a very handsome son, Prince Charming and Beauty found him very attractive. But the Queen told Beauty that she was not good enough for her son, she was just a simple valley girl and she would never become a princess. But Beauty loved him and wouldn`t give him up. The Queen was furious and vindictive she hated Beauty`s whole family so she sent them away leaving Beauty all alone.

Prince Charming was in love with Beauty and wanted to marry her but the Queen didn`t allow it. On Christmas Eve the Queen left Beauty pregnant and freezing outside in the snow laughing at her loneliness.

When Prince Charming tried to marry Beauty once again the Queen tried to take Beauty`s two children and had her arrested. Prince Charming and Beauty`s own inner strength saved her from his evil mother and she got her children back.

But the wedding is still just a dream for the Bold and the Beautiful Girl from the Valley.