A Better Tomorrow 2

Ken (Chow Yun Fat), twin brother or Mark Gor ("A Better Tomorrow") returns to Hong Kong from New York to help Mark´s old friend and accomplice Lung avenge the gangland killing of his daughter. Also caught up in the melange of forgery, big-time corruption and violence are Ho and Kit, survivor of Mark´s old brotherhood. In this this follow-up to John Woos´s ground-breaking "A Better Tomorrow" (1986) Chow Yun Fat recreates his original role, the cool, cynical yet honorable gangster, taking on the opposition almost single-handed, guns blazing, trademark tooth pick and shades firmly in place. Stoic. world-weary Ho (Ti Lung), the grief-crazed Lung (a truly demented performance from Dean Shek), and police officer Kit (Leslie Cheung), torn between his wife and his work, between professional duty and loyalty to his brother, complete this Quartet of avengers.

Woo orchestrates the usual themes of trust, betrayal and violence with his customary flair for pyrotechnic excess, and the film´s breakneck pace, gun crazy action, and bravur performances, combine to make "A Better Tomorrow 2" one of his most enjoyable works.

Cast and Credits

Production (1987) Cinema City/Golden Princess

Running Time : 100 Minutes

Produced by : Tsui Hark

Directed by : John Woo

Written by : Tsui Hark

Screenplay by : John Woo

Director of photography : Wong Wing Hang

Film Editor : Cinema City Editing Unit

Art Director : Andy Lee

Music by : Joseph Koo


Chow Yun Fat - Ken Gor

Leslie Cheung - Kit

Ti Lung - Sung Chi-Ho

Dean Shek - Lung


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