The same day Ridge was going to marry Taylor, Brooke learned she was pregnant. She raced to the chapel...

and just as she walked through the door the minister declared Ridge and Taylor husband and wife.


Brooke was heartbroken. She tried to talk to him at the reception but Stephanie wouldn`t let her. When Ridge came home from his honeymoon Brooke told him. Eric reveled to Brooke that one night after they had to much to drink Brooke had asked him to make love to her.

Brooke was devastated when Ridge chose to be with Taylor. She went up to Big Bear and Ridge drove after her. The weather became very bad and Brooke was going into labor. Ridge delivered the babygirl.

Sheila Carter who had fallen in love with Eric knew that if he was the father he would never divorce Brooke. So she tampered with the paternity test.

Brooke, Ridge, Eric, Taylor, Stephanie and Sheila met in Dr Peters office to hear the result. The Doctor announced that Ridge was the father.

Afterwards Brooke and Ridge met alone and Brooke told him that she was naming their daughter Bridget, a combination of their names.

Eric divorced Brooke and Ridge told her he was committed to Taylor.

At a dinner Ridge gave Bridget an antique family rattle.

When Taylor was in Scotland, Brooke, Ridge and the children celebrated Christmas together.

Brooke and Ridge was drawn back together when Taylor "died". Ridge proposed to Brooke and they got married. Brooke got the family she had always longed for.

When it was reveled that Eric was Bridget`s father Brooke`s world fell apart and Ridge was devastated by the loss of his beloved daughter.

Bridget eventually accepted Eric as her father.


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