Broken Arrow


When a top-secret Stealth bomber, carrying two live nuclear missiles, crashes and burns in the Utah desert, an Air Force search team makes the shocking discovery that the pilots have ejected and the nukes are gone. They have a Broken Arrow- the military code name for a lost nuclear weapon.

Megalomaniacal Air Force pilot-Major Vic Deakins (John Travolta) has stolen the warheads, and is totally prepared to destroy a major American city if the government doesen┤t pay his price . Only his former Air Force buddy, Captain Riely Hale (Christian Slater), knows him well enough to stop him.

As the clock ticks towards ground ziro, Hale is aided by a feisty and resourceful park ranger (Samantha Mathis). Together, they brave high speed truck chases, running gun battles, aerial assaults by helicopter and even an earth-quaking, under ground nuclear explosion. It┤s a no-holds-barred race to stop the highly trained, highly motivated Deakins from carrying out his insane plan of nuclear terror.

John Woo has injected his special brand of high velocity filmmaking into every second of this breathlessly paced, fullthrottle adventure. So strap yourself in and prepare to go ballistic-as Broken Arrow launches you over the very edge of excitement.


Cast and Credits

Production (1996) 20th Century Fox

US Gross 70,45 Million $, Foreign Gross 77,7 Million $

Running Time : 108 Minutes

Produced by : Mark Gordon, Bill Badalato, Terence Chang

Executive Producer : Christopher Godsick, Dwight H Little

Directed by : John Woo

Written by : Graham Yost

Director of Photography : Peter Levy

Film editor : Joe Hutshing, Steve Mirkovich, John Wright

Production Designer : Holger Gross

Music by : Hans Zimmer


John Travolta - Vic Deakins

Christian Slater - Riley Hale

Samantha Mathis - Terry Carmichael

Frank Whaley - Giles Prentice

Bob Gunton - Pritchett

Howie Long - Kelly


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