Bullet in the Head

Intense, highly charged story of three friends who leave Hong Kong to reap profit in war-torn 1967 Saigon and get caught up in a whirlwind of troubles that tests their loyalty.

An epic film, both emotional and overwrought, with action sequences and confrontations that are bold as anything Woo has attempted onscreen.

Cast and Credits

Production (1990) Golden Princess

Running Time : 126 Minutes

Produced by : John Woo

Directed by : John Woo

Written by : John Woo

Screenplay by : John Woo, Patrick Leung, Janet Chun

Director of Photography : Wong Wing-Hang, Lam Kwok Wa, Chan Pui Kai, Somchai Kittikun

Film Editor : John Woo

Production Designer : Janes

Music by : James Wong, Romeo Diaz


Tony Leung - Chiu Wai

Jack Cheung - Fai

Waise Lee - Sai Weng


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