(Some scenes are missing, some are longer and some are more violent than the US version)

(Uncensored version in Europe)

(The hunt for Binder)

1: Close-up when Binder in pain remove the arrow from his shoulder. 4 seconds

2: When Binder runs to house, shots firing around him, arrow flies into window. 6 sec

3: Binder rolls down on the ground with gascan and throws it towards men on bikes, gascan explodes and the men gets killed. 15 sec

4: Binder gets shot in the behind with an arrow (second arrow of three). 8 sec

5: Binder tries to get up from the bridge (close-up of legs). 1 sec

6: Still-picture when binder gets killed from the third arrow. 1 sec

7: Slow-motion scene when Binder floating on the river. 3 sec

(The hunt for Boudreaux)

8: Van Cleaf runs through the fire and shoots after Boudreaux. 2 sec

9: Boudreaux shoots big man in red shirt thirty times instead of twelve (close-ups of bullet hits). 5 sec

10. Boudreaux shoots two men wearing helmets while saying "give it a rest pal". 11 sec

11. Close-up of man with arrow through his neck. 4 sec

12. Natasha shoots man (all six bullet-hits instead of 3). 2 sec

13. Boudreaux turns a somersault (none violence). 2 sec

14. Man in hat tries to shoot Boudreaux. 1 sec

15. Boudreaux shoots man in hat (with two more close-up scenes with multi bullets hits). 3 sec

16. Close-up of bullet hit in Douvees knee. 1 sec

17. Boudreaux shoots man in black (Boudreaux using two guns, close-up of bullet hits). 5 sec

18. Man with arrow in arm gets shot after removing the arrow (close-up of bullet hits, more scenes). 4 sec

19. Boudreaux shoots same man again after he kicked him (more bullet hits) 3 sec

20. Boudreaux shoots man in shoulder (close-up), explosions and fire. 5 sec