21. Exploding barrel filming from above. 1 sec

22. Boudreaux shoots man who stands on top of stairs (close-up of bullethits). 2 sec

23. Man lands after fall from stair. 1 sec

24. Boudreaux shoots man through window (close-up of bullethits). 5 sec

25. Boudreaux shoots man five times after kicking him. 2 sec

26. Boudreaux kills Van Cleaf (Close-ups and twice many bullet-hits). 6 sec

27. Van Cleaf takes off his grenade before he dies slowly. 12 sec

28. Boudreaux shoots a man after taking his rifle (close-up of the bullet hit) 1 sec

29. Boudreaux makes two somersaults while heīs under fire. 3 sec

30. Fouchon screams and shoots his gun all around and talking about that he canīt be killed. 32 sec

31. Boudreaux shoots Fouchon in the shoulder (close-up of bullethit). 1 sec

32. Natasha and Douvee are walking toward Boudreaux. 3 sec

33. Fouchon hits Douvee after stabbing him with the arrow. 1 sec

34. Fouchon puts the arrow toward Natashaīs throat and threats her (longer scene).7 sec

35. Natasha yells more in fear. 6 sec

36. Boudreaux kicks Fouchon in the chest (blood sprays from Fouchonīs mouth, two times instead of one).1 sec

37. Fouchon hits Boudreaux with a burning plank (close-up).1 sec

Total Approx. 3 Minutes