Brooke took Control

Brooke`s BeLieF-formula was the cornerstone of Forrester Creations so Eric applied for a patent. His attorney Steve Crown told him that Brooke invented the formula without a contract, so she had legal claim to it. Instead of asking her the Forresters tried to trick her into signing over her rights to the formula.

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Steve pretended to be a masseur so she would confide in him. She found out before it was to late.

Unfortunately for the Forresters, Brooke was dating attorney Connor Davis and he was suspicious.He realized Brooke had the right to the patent. Stephanie knew it was Ridge who could get Brooke to sign the papers.

He was going to choose again between Taylor and Brooke. He had chosen Taylor but knew that Brooke would never sign the papers if she knew. So he told her after she signed it. Brooke was heartbroken . Stephanie showed up gloating over it leaving Brooke devastated. But she had signed the wrong paper and turned the tables on the Forresters. She showed up at the Forrester meeting looking GREAT in a red suit asking Eric if this was the paper he wanted. The Forresters realized soon their mistake.

They offered her $3 million for her rights to the formula.Connor wanted to go over Forrester`financial books and once he got hold of the books, he realized Brooke was in a very good position. Since Forrester had based all their future profits on the success of BeLieF.Brooke called a meeting to discuss her terms. She wanted 51 percent of the company making her CEO.   

Connor who was in love with Brooke proposed after Brooke`s first board meeting as CEO but she turned him down.


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