The Kiss

When the new Forrester designer Grant Chambers took over the mensline was Brooke not happy. But they became friends and Brooke really liked Grant as a friend.

Grant gave Brooke a turtle as a symbol to slow down. She was under a lot of stress because of the custody battle. Grant could help her to slow down and she became more relaxed. Ridge saw the difference in Brooke falling even more in love with her.

He was not the only one in love. Grant had fallen helplessly in love with Brooke. They shared a couple of kisses. But Brooke was in love with Ridge not Grant.

One kiss by the Forrester pool was witnessed by Stephanie and when she found out that Ridge intended to propose to Brooke at the Forrester fashion show she told him about it.

He didn`t believe her so he drove up to Big Bear. Brooke had gone after Grant to comfort him because he was upset about the decision to show the mensline separately. They talked and he accepted.

She also told him once again that she loves Ridge she always had.But they had a special friendship, kindred spirits but Ridge was her soulmate. Grant understood .


They said goodbye and sealed it with a kiss unaware of Ridge looking on through a window.

Brooke was devastated when Ridge proposed to Taylor at the show instead of her so she proposed to Grant. To prove to Ridge that he was making a mistake .


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