Hard Target

A daughter drives to Louisiana to find her father, a homeless Vietnam Vet who has gone missing. She meets and enlists the help of Chance Boudreaux (Jean Claude Van Damme) a tough Cajun who unwillingly agrees to help her in her search. As the two begins asking questions, they stumble upon a horrifying trade in humanity.

A group of businessman are finding homeless vets and using them as pray in real-life, highly costly human hunting games. The loser dies.

Censored scenes from the movie

Cast and Credits

Production (1993) Universal Pictures

US Gross 32,5 Million $

Running Time : 97 Minutes (European version 3 minutes longer, Directors cut)

Produced by : Sean Daniels, James Jacks

Executive Producers : Robert G Tapert, Moshe Diamant, Sam Raimi

Directed by : John Woo

Written by : Chuck Pfarrer

Director of Photography : Rusell Carpenter

Film Editor : Bob Murawski

Production Designer : Phil Dagort

Music by : Graeme Revell


Jean-Claude Van Damme - Chance Boudreaux

Lance Henriksen - Fouchon

Yancy Butler - Natasha Binder

Arnold Vosloo - Van Cleaf

Wilford Brimley - Douvee


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