Meet Inspector Yuen, nicknamed "Tequila" (Chow Yun Fat) a cop who shoots from the hips, never reloads.... and never misses. A Tough guy with a soft spot and infinite charm Tequila is the only man for the job of cleaning up the city, and when his partner is killed in a spectacular tea-house massacre he decides to take the investigations into his own lethal hands. During the course of the investigation Tequila comes face to face with Tony (Tony Leung) an assassin with a deadly secret.

With a body count well in three figures, more firepower than you can shake an Uzi at and imaginatively realized adrenaline- pumping action sequences to turn Hollywood action directors green with envy.

Cast and Credits

Production (1992) Golden Princess

Running Time : 122 Minutes

Produced by : Linda Kuk, Terence Chang

Directed by : John Woo

Written by : John Woo

Screenplay by : Barry Wong

Director of Photography : Wong Wing-Heng

Film Editors : John Woo, David Wu, Kai Kit-Wai

Production Designer : James Leung

Art Directors : James Leung, Joel Chong

Music by : Michael Gibbs


Chow Yun Fat - Inspector Yuen

Tony Leung - Tony

Teresa Mo - Teresa

Philip Chan - Superintendant Chan

Philip Kwok - Mad Dog


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