Heroes Shed No Tears

Chan Chung (Eddie Ko) is part of a team enlisted by the D.E.A whose mission is to kidnap General Samton, a drug lord in Asia's Golden Triangle. In return he will get to start a new life in America with his sister and his son kenny. But when Chan and his men see a barbaric Vietnamese Colonel (Lam Ching Ying) torture some French civilians at a checkpoint they feel compelled to intervene. Chan blinds the Colonel, who becomes obsessed with tracking his enemy down and taking revenge. Now Chan and his men are pursued by both the drug Cartel and the Vietnamese troops as they struggle to complete their mission.

As Chan meets up with American friend Louis, who has a house full of explosives, the situation builds to fever pitch, spiralling out of control into Woo`s trademark ballistic finale.

Cast and Credits

Production (1983,1987) Golden Harvest

Running Time : 93 Minutes

Produced by : Peter Chan Ho-San

Directed by : John Woo

Screenplay by : John Woo

Director of Photography : Narakawa Kenichi

Film Editor : Cheung Yiu Chung

Production Designer : Madelene Chan, Daranee Boonark

Music by : Tang Siu Lam

Cast :

Eddy Ko Hung - Chan Chung

Lam Ching-Ying - Team Leader


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