When you don`t expect LOVE

This lovestory started when Brooke tried to destroy Ridge and Taylor`s marriage. She befriended James and ended up being his date at a Forresterdinner surprising everybody.They became closer and closer until they fell in love with each other.

One of Brooke`s surprises for her man.


At a romantic candlelight dinner he told her how much he loved her then he produced an engagement ring and proposed. Brooke slipped the diamond on the finger and said YES!!!

Ridge who had lost his wife in a planecrash (she was not dead) became frightened that he would loose Brooke to so he tried to talk her out of it.


But Brooke was determined to move on with her life. Tragically was Bridget shot and that drew Ridge and Brooke closer but she was going to marry James anyway.

The couple eloped to Santa Barbara. Before the ceremony stormed Ridge in and sweeped Brooke into his arms and kissed her. James entered the room and asked what Ridge was doing there they argued and Brooke interrupted to tell James she couldn`t marry him and rushed out of the room. James was furious and punched Ridge.


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