Just Heroes


When respected gangster boss Tsou is betrayed and killed, his three adopted sons are possible heirs to become the new boss. one of them are a traitor responsible for Tsou´s death.

Cast and Credits

Production (1987) Magnum / Golden Princess

Running Time : 97 Minutes

Produced by : Tsui Hark

Executive Producer : Chang Cheh

Directed by : John Woo 80%, Ng Ma

Written by : Tommy Hau, Kuang Nieh

Director of Photography : Cho Wai Ki, Yee Tung Lung

Film Editor : Hung Choi

Art Director : Ringo Cheung, Andy Lee

Music by : Romeo Diaz, James Wong

Cast :

David Chiang - Wai

Danny Lee - Sou

Chan Koon Tai - Tai

Chiau Sing Chi - Jacky


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