The Killer

Jeff(Chow Yun Fat), a professional killer planning to go straight, accidentally blinds beautiful nightclub singer Jenny (Sally Yeh) during a gangland hit. Guilt-stricken, he resolves to finance an operation to restore her sight by taking one last job, the elimination of Triad boss Tont Weng, a contract put out by Weng´s power-hungry nephew, Johnny. The killing takes place during flamboyant Dragon Boat festivities; two cops, Lee (Danny Lee) and his partner Randy (Kenneth Tsang) carry out the investigation.

Lee gradually uncovers the tender relationship between Jeff and Jenny, becoming strangely attracted to the exceptional assassin. Both are men out of time, opposite faces of a moral code with little place in Hong Kong´s venal criminal underworld. The Ruthless Johnny decides to have Jeff rubbed out rather than pay him, and cop and killer are drawn together for a final confrontation with an army off kill-crazy Triad gunmen.

In an abandoned church, amidst flames, bullets and weeping Christian icons divided by law, united by a bond neither fully understands, they face their fate.

In "The Killer", John Woo´s abiding themes of guilt, vengeance and redemption through violence find their ultimate explosive expression.

Cast and Credits

Production (1989) Cinema City/Golden Princess

Running Time : 107 Minutes

Produced by : Tsui Hark

Executive Producer : Claudie Chung

Directed by : John Woo

Written by : John Woo

Director of Photography : Peter Pao, Wong Wing-Hang

Film Editor : Fan Kung Ming

Art Director : Luk Man-Wah

Music by : Lowell Lo

Cast :

Chow Yun Fat - Jeffery Chow "The Killer"

Danny Lee - Inspector Lee

Chu Kong - Sydney Fung

Sally Yeh - Jenny

Tsang Kong - Sgt. Randy Chang


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