Once A Thief


In this consummate gangster action thriller. A classic menage a trios romance pits Joe (Chow Yun Fat) against both an army of Triad gunmen and fellow art thief Jim (Leslie Cheung) in a fight for the love of the delectable Cherie (Cherie Chung).

Cast and Credits

Production (1990) Golden Princess

Running Time : 104 Minutes

Produced by : Linda Kuk, Terence Chang

Directed by : John Woo

Written by : John Woo

Screenplay by : John Woo, Clifton Ko, Janet Chun

Director of Photography : Poon Hang-Seng

Film Editor : David Wu

Art Director : James Leung

Music by : Violet Lam


Chow Yun Fat - Joe

Leslie Cheung - Jim

Cherie Chung - Cherie


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