Words from the Stars


Ronn Moss (Ridge)

"To really know Katherine, you must not look at Brooke. One is the antithesis of the other. Brookeīs beauty needs skilled makeup artists-every hair must be cajoled and starched into submission. Katherineīs beauty is simple-it needs no help. It starts deep on the inside, somewhere near her wonderful lightheartedness, and works itīs way past skin-level to leave itīs impression in each of our smiles."

Thanks KenSue

Charles Grant (Grant)

" Katherine is one of those girls who is like the perfect girl thatīs a friend. Sheīs the perfect balance between a real women- `cause sheīs so beautiful and everything- and a tomboy. Sheīs like Hunter- she can run around and punch me. We do all that stuff on the set. We kid around and play practical jokes. We do goofy things and laugh. Sheīs just great to work with."

Ronn Moss (Ridge)

"Letīs say I have two motorcycles. One is finely tuned, quit and smooth- thatīs Taylor. The other is a Harley. Itīs also well-made, but it fells more like a horse than a motorcycle-thatīs Brooke."

John McCook (Eric)

"Katherine is the quintessential soap opera heroine-without being pitiful or manipulating, the way some characters on other shows are. I donīt know that Brooke would have lasted as long as she has if she had done those things in a different way. (hiding Ridgeīs letter to Caroline, paying off Amber etc.) Katherine approaches her work in a way that makes her unlike a typical soap Opera heroine"

Jacob Young (Rick)

"Itīs hard to believe someone as young and beautiful could play my mom"


Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke)

"I donīt want Brooke to appear as if sheīs nagging Rick. I donīt want him to rebel. I take the approach that Rick and Brooke are at the same side, despite his feelings fot Amber. Iīve tried to play Brooke as sympathetic as possible when sheīs been explaining to Rick what he needs to do."The mother of two young sons in real life jokes "I think this will be good practice for my own two boys someday"