First we had the Brooke, Caroline and Ridge drama.


Ridge chose Caroline and when she so sadly died he seeked comfort in the arms of Brooke and Dr Taylor Hayes.

So we move on to the Brooke, Taylor and Ridge triangle.


Ridge married Taylor and when she perished in a planecrash Ridge turned to Brooke. He proposed to Brooke and finally she got the man and the wedding of her dreams.


A spectacular fairy-tale wedding on a sunsplashed California beach. The ceremony had a Camelot theme, as the beautiful bride rode in on horseback and medieval trumpeters heralded her arrival. (Brooke`s surprise for Ridge)


 At long last...... Brooke and Ridge are finally married.


Ridge had also a surprise: the honeymoon. It began with a trip to the Canary Islands. They boarded a luxurious yacht to revel in candlelit dinners and beautiful sunsets, blissfully unaware their marriage exists only on the whim of a love-crazed prince. 

 After a hurricane the ship took a bad beating and was forced to head for Casablanca for repairs.

Brooke suggested they accept Prince Omar`s invitation to be guests at his palace. Ridge called the Prince, who arranged for them to be picked up as soon as the ship reached the dock.

When the couple left the mystical Moroccan palace they were still unaware of the fact that Taylor was still alive and lived in the palace. Taylor decided to marry Prince Omar and stay in Morocco. But after a while she changed her mind and returned to Los Angeles.

Brooke`s world fell a part and the marriage was annulled. But that was not all a mysterious letter showed up accusing Brooke of bribing the doctor who did Bridget`s paternitytest.

They did another test and that test showed that Eric was Bridget`s father. Brooke thought that she lost Ridge forever. She went to Paris but on her way back to LA she suffered a nervous breakdown and disappeared.

Ridge and Lauren tried to track her down, they finally found her on Barbados.

She lived in a Chattelhouse with two dolls (Rick and Bridget). She was very scared but after a while Ridge could calm her and they went home.

When they returned home they found out that Eric and Stephanie had gotten temporary custody of the children. Brooke got arrested when she wanted to spend time with her kids. Eric dropped the charges against her.

Ridge proposed to Brooke but she wanted to wait. When she was finally ready Ridge misunderstood a KISS.

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