Amber, Mike and Sheila with Mary

A:-How did Maggie take it?

S:-How do you think she took it?

A:-Pretty boomed out ha.

S:-Wouldn´t you be if a lunatic came in to your house and demanded your baby.

A:-She was your baby.

S:-She is my baby, Amber

S:-You like your auntie Amber, don´t you Mary she´s gonna do what's best for you, yes she is. Because if she doesn´t mama´s gonna send her back to Death Valley in a... casket.


Mike and Sheila are talking about the adoption:

M: -No judge is going to take a baby from it´s mother.

S: -Yeah if the she is a lunatic he would, wouldn´t he.

M: -You are not a lunatic.......... well at least not anymore.


Maggie, Lauren and Stephanie talking about the same:

L: -We are talking about Sheila´s baby.

M: -I´m well aware of that.

L: -Do you understand what that might mean. What kind of draught that child could inherit. You could be raising some kind of demonchild.


To herself:

-Sheila this is no time to loose it.

In a hurry to cover her tracks regarding Stephanie´s poisoning.


-You are not worth the stain on my carpet.

Threatening Grant with a knife.

-I´ll swallow you whole.

Grabbing Maggie by the throat.



-"Here I am, an eminent psychiatrist, and I´m telling my problems to a lunatic."

An intoxicated James to Sheila.