Nurse Sheila Carter fall in love with her boss Dr. Scott Grainger. Scott is married to Lauren Fenmore but that doesn´t stop Sheila, she spikes his drink and they make love. Sheila becomes pregnant, Scott leaves his wife not knowing that she also is pregnant.

Sheila miscarries. She is determined to have Scott´s child so she switches Lauren´s newborn boy with a black market baby Lauren names the baby Dylan. She removes a birthmark on Lauren´s real child and passes him off as her own and names him Scotty.

Dylan dies. Sheila´s mom Molly suffers a stroke before she can tell Lauren the truth about the baby.

Sheila takes Molly and Lauren to an isolated farmhouse. Sheila tells Lauren the truth. By knocking over a lantern Lauren sets fire to the cabin. Everybody believes that Sheila perished in the fire but the corpse belongs to a gas-meter reader.

Sheila relocates from Genoa City to Los Angeles and Forrester Creations were she starts a position as company nurse.

Eric catches her eye. He´s married to Brooke but the marriage isn´t a happy one.

She starts baby-sitting Eric Jr and becomes his full time nanny after she threatens the nanny and her family.

Sheila with her sex-appeal soon gets under Eric´s skin. She knows that he`s never going to marry her if he´s the father of Bridget. She volunteer at the hospital so she can tamper with the paternity test. Thanks to Mike a security guard nobody really knows who the father is and the paternity reveals Ridge as the father.

Lauren, Sheila´s nemesis is an old friend of the Forresters and she does not want her good friend married to a witch. Sheila blackmails Lauren into silence.

The night before the wedding Lauren confronts Sheila and it all ends in a big fight.

Sheila leaves Eric at the altar but returns and marries him.

The marriage suffers serious stress when Sheila becomes Brooke´s assistant. Eric wants a divorce. Sheila convinces him to go to Catalina Island were they run into Lauren and Scott.

Scott is dying and he forgives Sheila and begs Lauren to give her a second chance. Eric is so impressed with Sheila and her sympathy for strangers and puts the divorce on hold.

Mike steals a copy of Eric´s will and Connor tells her that she would be more financial secure if she and Eric had a child. So she tries to get pregnant......with Connor and pass it on as Eric´s.

She tells Eric that she´s pregnant and he informs her that had a vasectomy done. Connor tells her that she can get a hefty divorce settlement if he has done it behind her back. If Sheila promise not to sue, Eric promise they get therapy from James and he urges her to open up about her past.

Sheila feels that James is on to her so she tries to kill him with a fireplace poker but backs off when James receives a phonecall and leaves for Morocco. When he returns they resume the therapy sessions.




All text © Helena Jönehag