Lauren decides to tell James the truth. Sheila finds out and tries to silence Lauren forever but the plan backfires. And Lauren tells James the truth about Sheila.

Sheila kidnaps James and holds him captured in her dungeon. He tricks her into believing that he has fallen in love with her.

He escapes and the secret is out.

Sheila holds the entire Forrester family, James and Lauren at gunpoint. She unsuccessfully tries to kill herself but ends up in a mentalinstitution instead.

After a while she gets out on parole, despite Stephanie and Lauren´s efforts.

She befriends Maggie Forrester. When she learns that Stephanie is caring for Brooke´s children she replaces Stephanie´s calcium with mercury pills. Stephanie gets deadly sick and shows sign to be mentally unstable.

When Sheila falls in love with James she "helps" him find out the reason for this mysterious illness.

Maggie and James are dating so Sheila wants her out of the picture. She plants the evidence of the poisoning in Maggie´s room.

Stephanie, Lauren and Maggie are convinced that Sheila is behind it all.




All text © Helena Jönehag