One night when James thinks he has lost Maggie he gets drunk and makes love to Sheila.

She finds out that she is pregnant with his child the same day he´s going to marry Maggie . Sheila crashes the wedding party and announces her news but she is to late....

Maggie and James decides they want to adopt the baby. Sheila moves in with them just so she can break them up.

Sheila gives birth to a babygirl and names her Mary after James mother.

James still wants to adopt the child and stay married to Maggie. Sheila signs the papers. She´s devastated.

James and Maggie name the baby Margaret.

Sheila leaves town and ends up in Death Valley. She starts a job as a waitress and shares an apartment with Amber Moore. Amber dreams about a whole new life. When she hears Sheila´s story she feels sorry for her and urges her to fight for her daughter and for James.

Mike finds Sheila and asks her to marry him, Sheila turns him down. But asks him to do her a favor, she wants him to take some pictures of her daughter.

Mike tells Sheila and Amber that the Warwicks are looking for a babysitter. Amber applies for the position with help from Sheila and Maggie hires her.

Sheila with Amber moves back to LA. Amber gets sick of Sheila´s obsession with the baby and tells James everything.

Sheila changes her mind about the adoption and gets custody of the baby.

James and Maggie decides to get a divorce so that James can marry Sheila and prove that she is an unfit mother. After the wedding a devastated Sheila tries attempt suicide.

James love brings her back to life.

Maggie Mike and Mike´s brother kidnap Sheila and hold her at the Psycho house against her will. James comes to her rescue.




All text © Helena Jönehag