Maggie tries to make Sheila insane by taunting her with her past.

Sheila leaves town, when she returns Stephanie and James have grown really close. Old insecurities resurface and Sheila regress to her old evil self. She tries to drown Stephanie. Then she snips a lock of Thomas´ hair to taunt Stephanie. James gets her confession on tape and Sheila is sentenced to five years in prison. Sheila switches places with her cellmate and assumes a new identity.

James visits Sheila but is shocked when he realizes the prisoner they've brought out for him to visit isn't Sheila at all and that Sheila has escaped.

Stephanie hears someone at the front door, where Sheila is waiting. Stephanie starts to call 911 but Sheila slams down the phone and Stephanie finds herself at gunpoint.

Sheila shoots her nemesis, hitting Stephanie in the shoulder.

James calls to warn Stephanie about Sheila´s escape. Sheila gets on the phone and promises she'll take good care of their daughter before hanging up. As Sheila tries to kill Stephanie Amber comes to her rescue, saves Stephanie but Sheila drives off in the darkness with Mary.





All text © Helena Jönehag