To be or not to be......MARRIED

After Ridge`s proposal to Taylor Brooke tried everything to get through to him. She even put Grant in charge of the company when she was on a businesstrip to Milan. Grant made life a living hell for the Forresters and Ridge asked Brooke to get Grant to back of. She explained that this was the future if he married Taylor.

Brooke called Ridge on her way back from Milan asking if he had decided anything she also told him she didn`t want to tell the children about her engagement to Grant. But that was to late...

Rick and Bridget were shocked when they overheard Grant and Clarke talking about his engagement to Brooke. The kids surprised Brooke and Ridge with a romantic candlelight dinner. When the children were in bed Ridge and Brooke danced together and Brooke said she hoped that they each marry the right people.

Grant suggested to Brooke that they scheduled their wedding a day before Ridge and Taylor`s. He also told her he had fallen in love with her and gave her an engagement ring and kissed her hand.

When Ridge found out he asked Brooke not to go through with her wedding plans but he intended to go through with his.

Beth told her daughter she had to fight one last time for the love of her life. Brooke wrote a letter to Ridge telling him she`s finally going to stop fighting for him if it`s Taylor he truly loves but if he changes his mind he knows where to find her and that she would always love him.

Brooke began to panic when she and Grant were preparing for their wedding aboard the yacht and Ridge was nowhere in sight. Brooke pretended to be sick, in the cabin she dreamt about another WEDDING. Grant realized that she was stalling and Brooke agreed to go up on deck for the ceremony.

At the rehearsal party Ridge re-read the letter. Thorne and Ridge rushed out to stop the wedding. But their car broke down. Ridge bought a motorcycle but when he arrived at the marina the ship was leaving. He called Brooke`s name just as a foghorn blew, on the ship Brooke told Grant she heard something he convinced her it was just the foghorn.

Thorne told Taylor that Ridge tried to stop Brooke`s wedding and she called off her wedding. She told Grant but he didn`t tell Brooke.

Grant learned that the captain who married him and Brooke is a con man. After a conversation with Katie, Brooke decided to give Grant a chance.


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