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Katherine Kelly Lang:

She is born in Hollywood, California July 25, 1961

Katherine is one of three children in a show business family. Her parents are Keith Wegeman (Olympic long jump skier and TV:s Jolly Green Giant) and Judith Lang ( film, TV and commercial actress). Her grandfather was Charles Lang, a famed motion picture cinematographer (Some Like it Hot, The Magnificent Seven)

She has two sons with director Skott Snider, Jeremy (ex BB:s Eric jr ) and Julian.

She is married to independent producer Alex D`Anderea and they have a daughter Zoe Katrina.


Subliminal Seduction (1996) (TV) - Deb Danver

Till the End of the Night (1994) - Diana Davenport

Made in USA (1988) - Kelly

Delta Fever (1987) - Jillian

Jocks (1987) - Julie

The Nightstalker (1987)

The Last Precinct (1986) (TV)

Mr. Boogedy (Disney)(1986) (TV) - Widow Marian

Desperate Lives (1982) (TV)

Evilspeak (1981) - Suzie Baker

Miss Heavy Artillery in Evilspeak

starred, appeared or featured in:

Lonesome Dove:The Outlaw Years - Enona

Powers of Matthew Star - Terri

Skate Town USA

Happy Days


Magnum P.I

Training Camp...First and Ten

The Young and the Restless - Gretchen

Discovery Bay

In all Beach Boys music videos

Awards: Nominated 1990 for "Outstanding Heroine" for the Soap Opera Digest

Received two consecutive "M.V.P Awards given by Soap Opera Update magazine 1990, 1991


Katherine loves sports and the outdoors. She plays tennis, goes wind surfing, jogs, takes dance classes, mountain bike riding and horseback riding. She owns several horses and competes in 25 mile and 50 mile cross-country endurance races and horse shows.

Brooke Logan:

Parents: Steven and Beth Logan

Siblings: Storm, Donna and Katie

Children: Eric jr, (Rick) and Bridget with Eric Forrester

Past Loves: Dave Reed, Eric Forrester (divorced), Connor Davis, James Warwick and Ridge past, present and always Ridge.

Occupation: CEO of Forrester Creations

Accomplishments: The BeLieF-formula and her children



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