Kimberlin Brown (Sheila)

"I hope one day Sheila and Lauren resurface again on B&B because I think it would definitely be dynamic to watch"

Susan Flannery (Stephanie)

"I think that Brad Bell has made Sheila more real-hes really grounded her-since bringing her over from Y&R"

Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren)

"I thought Kimberlin was convincing in her role. She brought something totally different than what anyone expected."

Barbara Crampton (Maggie)

"Kimberlin is a lovely person, but shes got a side thats a little ff and that allow her to play this part so well. I think shed admit that too. Shes so believable in the role that you want to strangle her. She has a quirkiness about her and plays the part so well that you just clue into that side of her. She also believes her character so much that its easy for you to believe it, too"

James Doohan (Damon)

"He liked Sheila and thought she was a good match for his son - she really did a job on him, didnt she?"