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The Water Garden News
November/December 1998 Vol.1 No.10

Greetings From The Water Garden! The number one
source for all your watergardening  needs since
1987, offering the most complete online
watergardening catalog since 1995.

Welcome to the November/December issue of The
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Previous Issues!!
For your winter reading, we suggest some articles
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(Note regarding previous issues: Some of the links
mentioned in these issues may no longer work.
Also, we are no longer offering subscription
discounts to Pond & Garden Magazine).

The Water Garden News
February 1998 Vol.1 No.1
In this issue:
* Feature Article - Looking Ahead to Spring
* Book Review
* Colorado Lily
* USDA Plants National Database
* Internet Pond Society 
e-mail:  feb98@watergarden.com

March 1998 Vol.1 No.2
In this issue:
* Feature Article - Seasonal Care: Spring Start-Up
* Sites to See
* Marsh Marigold
e-mail:  march98@watergarden.com

April 1998 Vol.1 No.3
In this issue:
* Feature Article I - Controlling Algae
* Feature Article II - Planting & Care of Aquatic Plants
* Sites to See
* Japanese Variegated Iris
e-mail:  april98@watergarden.com

May 1998 Vol.1 No.4
In this issue:
* Feature Article - Shady Water Gardens 
* What's New On The Water Garden Website
* Filtration
* Sites to See
* Perry's Double White
e-mail:  may98@watergarden.com

June 1998 Vol.1 No.5
In this issue:
* Feature Article - Tub Gardens
* Book Review: "Water Gardening in Containers"
* Sites to See
* Featured Plants
e-mail:  june98@watergarden.com

July 1998 Vol.1 No.6
In this issue:
* Feature Article - Water Quality and Fish Health
* The Importance of Fertilizing and Manicuring
* Book Review: "Water in the Garden"
* Sites to See 
* Featured Plants - Night Blooming Water Lilies
e-mail:  july98@watergarden.com

August 1998 Vol.1 No.7
In this issue:
* Feature Article - BOG GARDENING
* Book Review: "Creating A Beautiful Water Garden--
      The Complete Pond Builder" by Helen Nash
* New on The Water Garden Website 
* Tabletop Fountains
* Featured Plants - Water Cannas
e-mail:  aug98@watergarden.com

September 1998 Vol.1 No.8
In This Issue:
* Feature Article - News from the IWLS 1998 Symposium
* Book Review: Keeping Koi by Nancy Wisner & Frederick Simon
* Featured Plants - Water Celery
e-mail:  sept98@watergarden.com

October 1998 Vol.1 No.9
In This Issue
* Feature Article - Getting Ready for Winter
* Featured Plant - Water Hawthorne
* Note Regarding Pond & Garden Magazine
e-mail:  oct98@watergarden.com


We hope you have enjoyed this issue of The Water Garden
News. Please pass a copy along to friends who share your
interest in water gardening. Our next issue will be
a combined issue covering January and February. Happy 
Holidays to everyone, see you in 1999.

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