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A homepage which contains the following :
* How you can plan and make your own gardenponds, if you want ready ponds, if you want vinyl or rubbercarpet etc.
* How to plan your buy of plants
* Ideas
* Facts
* Pictures of fishes and plants.

I am very interested of water in the garden, a pond with fishes and plants. Down below you can see some pictures of my pond, photographed in the summer of 1995 and 96 when everything is full-grown. In my pond I have Goldfish, Schubunki and Koikarp, + lizards and frogs.

Who am I then??? Well I am a guy born in 1944, that has moved from Brantevik on beautiful Österlen to Glumslöv through Landskrona, Sweden(1965)
I grew up around water (Östersjön/Baltic sea) and ever since we bought our house in 1973 I've wanted to install a pond in our garden.
Many things has happened during the years, first I had finches , then budgies, and finally earth squirrels. But, the dream about a pond has always been there.
And then, when my wife started a day-care-centre at home, and we had 4,5,6 kids running around in the garden I could just forget it.
In 1995 it was time to make my dream come true, my own pond in the garden. It was really hard work to plan, make the designs, discuss with my wife, check the prizes ( necessary ), dig and roll of the soil, ( I could never guess that a small hole like that contained that much soil ) Then it was time to buy the rubbercloth. At Mark & Park in Önnestad, Sweden) I got ( for a reasonable prize) a hold of a finished cloth that was from an exhibition. There was filters, air/waterpumps, tubes, slang and much more that had to be bought. It was hard to get everything in place, many rocks had to be taken home(the Volvo never became a car again), plants had to be bought and planted, but after a month with a lot of work and a couple of thousand Skr poorer, everything was in it's place, including the fishes, I bought them last.

min damm1.jpg        min damm2.jpg

Left photo 1996, Right photo 1965
It is incredible to sit on that bench (left photo) on hot summernights and watch the fishes and insects in the pond and all the birds flying around it. The sound of the water spreads calmness and harmony. It makes you forget the stressful day. Even though we have 4 dogs, the birds still flies down to the pond for a bath or a drink while we are sitting there watching them. You can't believe how much a pond can light up your garden. A normally large pond with waterlilys that blooms and fishes that are jumping after insects. What more could you ask for?
Yes, of course, a cold beer!!!!

A pond is like a homepage!
Always under planning or rebuilding!! I have during spring 1997 rebuilt my pond, now it contains 2.500 l, (The picture will arrive as soon as everything has grown a bit.
I have invested in a new filter, Green Machine 1500, UV 2000 and more plants. 16/5 I let the fishes out in the pond, 17/5 they where spawning and I took out some floatingplants with spawns for hatch.
I have now a LARGE amount of broods. I look forward to that day when you can see what sort of fish it is. Right now I spend a lot of time catching waterfleas to the broods. I'm beginning to see now what kind of fishes they will be, goldfish, schubunki and koi. Probably a few albinos to?
If you are interested to see the pond you are most welcome, just as you contact me first so that I can take the dogs inside
Kennel Lovelyness
min damm3.jpg I found out that there are a lot of people that has got a pond in their garden, or their summerhouse, OR maybe planned to install one but just like me trying to find information and facts on the internet, without finding anything in Swedish,
(There are many foreign ones, check out the Water in the garden )
I took the large step of doing this on Swedish!
Now there are more pages about these things, check out the link to the ZOONEN in Halmstad Sweden, further down on this page.
<- Photo from 1996. In the middle there is one of my koikarps, (above the goldfish ), one of them died 970504, 3years old 41 cm, 1.15 kg

To install a little gardenpond yourself is a lot easier and cheaper then you think. The gardens most exciting place.

On the following pages you will get many tips and help with how to build your own little oas.
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