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Build a pond 1,   Water in the garden
Build a pond 2,   The best place
Build a pond 3,   In Connection with nature
Build a pond 4,   It is this easy to you build a pond
Build a pond 5,   Biotop width a system
Build a pond 6,   Safetycarpet, pondedge
Build a pond 7,   Ideas when you build your pond
Build a pond 8,   Pumps, filtercarpet, fountains, lights
Build a pond 9,   Little about waterbiologi
Build a pond 10, Algas, filter
Build a pond 11, Care and maintenance, planting of the pond
Build a pond 12, Fishes in the pond, other animals
Build a pond 13, The pond in the winter
Build a pond 14, Advise and ideas
Build a pond 15, Koi pictures
Build a pond 16, Plants
Build a pond 17, Ready ponds
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Water in the garden, Koi links. Links to interesting pages about ponds, in English.
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COMPETITION!!, ONLY for Scandinavien, this first time!
NOTE! Send your picture of the pond and I will put them on a page, it is always interesting to see how other people made their pond!

ZOONEN HP Halmstad
Tropik Center Halmstad

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A big Thanks to Lars Sjöberg for helping with scanning photos.
And to Linda Påhlsson for translating to english

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