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This site can be for sure a great site for pond fans but...... unfortunately only for swedish people. Sincerely we have some difficult to evaluate in the right way this site. By giving a glance to the pages, seems to be full of useful info and for sure full of useful images. An english version should "capture" visitor world-wide and increase our evaluation.

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Dear Webmaster/Webmistress, we would like to inform you that your WEB site http://home2.swipnet.se/~w-24320/index.html
has been inserted in the WEB-FISH CATALOG and it has been rated ** (2 stars).
Remember that only THE BEST Fish ralated WEB sites are in the catalog!
For a certain period you can see your site also in a section of the NEW
ENTRIES pages at the following URL: http://www.ggservice.com/webfish/html/newentry.htm
If you appreciate our work, please insert a link to our WEB FISH CATALOG
in your pages: http://www.ggservice.com/webfish
You can also display a graphic award by using the attached graphic 2 stars award to link our pages.
If you have some troubles in reading the attached image, you can download it by right clicking in the 2 stars award at the following page:
Please, notify us via E-Mail of any major changes you'll do in your site. This in order to evaluate again and update your site's information.
Thanks for your attention Pier Luigi Dallimonti (WEB-FISH CATALOG Catalog Administrator) WEB-FISH CATALOG URL: http://www.ggservice.com/webfish E-Mail: webfish@ggservice.com

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