Planting the pond
Waterplants can be parted in 4 groups: 1. Waterlilys 2. Underwaterplants 3. Swamp and edgeplants 4. Floatplants
You start with the deepwaterzoon and move to the edge. In the edge zon you can plant stronggroing plants direct in the covermat

röd näckros/red waterlily Waterlilys
There are more than 200 registered species of waterlilys. From the common white N.Alba that is a wildflower to one of the most beautiful Escarboucle (above), an extremely dark red kind that has just been known in Sweden.
There are also real Lotusflowers and blue tropical kind for the protected south area. The flowers sizes are 2-25 cm. The waterlily's best depth is between 40-80 cm, but the smaller kinds will settle with 15 cm. They look good in flowerpots and cans. Same god plants; Nymphea Alba, N Odorata och N Pygmea Pink: N Marliacea, N Fire crest, N Laydeckeri Lilacina, Yellow: N Odorata Sulphurea, N Helvola Red: N Attraction, N Escarboucle (dark red) N Purpurea

A tip: Plant waterlilys early in the spring as shallow as possible, so that they will get maximum amount of light and warmth. As it grows you will get a richer and earlier flowering. The waterlily will die if it gets water on the leafs constantly so be careful.

Swamp and edgeplants 20-40 cm
Is the largest group, with colorful blooming plants and flowers. They are planted at the surface of the water down to about 40 cm below for some kinds. Some sorts that grows very quickly is best planted in baskets so you can have control over the spread.

Are some of the ponds most important plants. Maybe they don't look much, but they grow very fast and they take much of the surplus of nourishment in the water and gives oxygen to the pond. Because of that they prevent the alga's from growing.

Are the gardenpond's summerplants. The waterhyacint (above) is not only decorative but it has also a large rootsystem and they take up nourishmentcontents and gives the pond some shadow. Fishes can easily hide in the rootsystem. If you want it to bring flowers, you have to give it Aqua Flora nourishment during the summer.

Never use manured soil in the pond, it will bring a surplus of nourishment witch can lead to alga's growth. Buy finished waterplant soil with high mudcontents. It is important to tie the nourishment together. Plants that is planted deep ex. Waterlilys and Thypha species should be planted in 80 % mud. You can replant and cut your plant during the hole season. Waterlilys should be cut and replanted in the spring every other year.

You should always buy plants with a welldeveloped rootsystem. That way it is easy for the plants to adjust to their new pond and don't forget to add Aqua Flora during the whole summer.

Never use plants from nature, it is not allowed and you can get diseases in your pond.

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