The fishes in the pond.
When you have bought new fishes, you have to be careful when you let them into the pond. Take some water from the pond and pour into the fishbag, you have to take out the same amount from the bag, and pour into the pond. The fishes has to get use to the new water. After a couple of hours you can let them into the pond. Don't forget to add Aqua Start that makes the water plant-
guldfisk The goldfish is the most common pondfish. It is best to have at least 5 goldfishes in a pond. It grows to be 25-35 cm big.

The blue schubunkin is a chineese goldfish. It is much more colorful and it is blue or red with a lot of black spots.

Golden Orfe is a fast shoalfish and is as big as the goldfish. It eats small flies and mosquitogrubs.

Gudgeon, Gobio gobio is a nice fish that likes to be near the bottom where it keeps everything nice and tidy.

koi If you want for example a Japanese Koikarp (below) you should have a depth at least 1-1,5 m and a watersurface that is about 10m². Koi is a fish with beautiful marks on it's back and in Japan you can get examples on 10.000 £.

Different Koi
The sweetwaterclam Is a nice acquaintance and it make a lot of biological use. This clam eats microorganisms and it filtrates up to 40 litres/hour and fishfriendly.

The fish doesn't like shallow ponds because on hot summerdays the temperature raises very fast. If you want fishes in your pond the depth should be at least 50-60 cm.
A common question is:
How many fishes can I have in my pond ?
Answer: A fish mediumsize (10 cm) needs at least 50 litres of water
Other animals in the pond
A short period after you installed the pond other animals will visit or even stay there. Waterbugs, waterlizards and frogs often finds their way to a pond.

Never feed the fishes when the watertemperature is below 10° Celcius. In cold water the fishes can't melt the food. It will only damage the pond. Never give the fish more food than what it can eat in 10 min. If you feed the fishes at the same place every day they will soon be tame.

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