The Best Place.
Do you want your pond to have many animals (fish, snails and frogs etc.) and many plants?
If you do, the pond needs at least 4-6 hours sun a day. If you plant high grass do it on the north side of the pond so that it doesn't cast a shadow.
The best place to have a pond is close to the house, so that you can see it.


The Real Size.
It´s important, if you want as much pleasure as possible with a little work. It always looks smaller, when it comes into place.

The Real Depth.
Most of the water plants grows in 0-40 cm depth, depending on what kind it is.
UBBINK finished ponds has got a marsh zone and platoes that goes on well with most of the plants.
If you want to have water lilys the depth should be 40-80 cm.

The Best Shape.
Is of course a matter of taste. UBBINKS finished ponds comes in different shapes. You can decide for yourself if you want a pond made in foil and of course the shape and size you want it in. Remember that if you want fish in your pond, the depth should be at least 45 cm, and in smaller ponds it's difficult to get it perfect. If you want a smaller pond it's better to buy a finished pond right away.
In UBBINKS finished ponds you can have both water lilys and fish.

The Important Safety
No matter how beautiful and lively a pond is, it can be a danger if you don't look after it carefully. Small animals can come to close to the edge and maybe fall in. In this case it helps if you have got a leaning edge, or good stones around the edge of the pond. If you have got small children around you can easily put big rocks in the bottom around the sides of the pond.

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