In Connection With Nature.

Many animals loves a natural pond. 4 ex the dragon-fly, the frog,the lizard and the fish. The material it┤s made of has to look natural and and be a lengthen of nature. UBBINKS has developed a series of finished ponds, and they have fullfilled all these demands. The finished ponds has got many advantages. You can see the finished shape right away and the pond is easily installed. You can have it done in just one afternoon. The ponds are especially made for smaller gardens.

In Sweden there are 2 different types of finished ponds.
Gardenpond without swampstripe.
Gardenpond with swampstripe.
They are all made of PE-plastic that is milieufriendly and UV-constant. The ponds are made with a depth of 35-55 cm and sizes from 100-750 litres. They have 15 years guarantee against cold and stability.

UBBINK Finished ponds without swampstripe
The ponds without swampstripe is made for you that just want a watershine,maybee with a waterlily. Pooka, a beautiful little pond can be used as a big birdbath.

UBBINK finished ponds with swampzone.
Finished ponds with swampzone is one of the most popular models. Of course with 15 years guarantee. A swampstripezone around the pond not only makes it easy to get a beautiful planting, you will also get many small animals to visit.

In the swampzone, the maker can let his imagination out in the open when he makes the pond. You can fill the swapstripe with beautiful stones and plant swampplants in biobaskets that you can easily hide with the stones. In these ponds you will also get get some room for a waterlily or a waterfall.

Calmus is the most sold model and sales in three different sizes.

Calmus S 3. Our most popular pond for natural environment.

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