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This good can a pond bee with Calmus!
It is this easy to build your new pond.

The finished pond has many advantages. This can't go wrong! A beautiful pond is fast to build. With a little help from the family it doesn't take more than a couple of hours. Then this is most exiting place in the garden side, even the depth. Get rid of stones and roots. On the bottom you place sand or turf (even better is UBBINKS safety foil).

Place the pond in the hole measure it with a waterpass on a long board (see photo) Between the pond and the edge is now a gap. Fill it with sand, turf or soil. If you are using soil see to it that it doesn't fall into the pond.

Put a thin layer of rocks in the bottom of the pond. English lakestone is very beautiful. Never use soil or garbage disposal. You can put the plants in baskets which you can fill with special soil for waterplants. When you fill up the pond you have to look out so that your string isn't to strong..

Install a pump for circulation and oxides to the water. You can easily make your own waterfall from the sand you got by digging the hole. You can place the pump in the bottom of the pond. The pump is very cheap to use. You should always keep the pump on. Even during nights

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