BIOTOP with system

A/ Safetycarpet

B/ Ubbink pondfoil

C/ Rubbercarpet

D/ Stonefoil

If you want to have a pond with foil you have to plan it very carefully. It's important that you keep a few rules in mind, so that you will get a pond that fits in with the rest of the garden. UBBINK has developed a program that will make it easy when you plan to make a gardenpond, and it will turn out just the way you want it to.


UBBINK guarantees that you will have a perfectly working biological little world for many years.

A very strong carpet. It has got 10 years guarantee against putrefaction. You can buy it at your nearest tradedealers, and it is delivered directly from a carpetroll in the right dimensions. It will never slide, and you don't have to make a thick sandy bottom wich will protect your foil against stones and roots. The safetycarpet is made so that you can put it anywhere, even in sheer places where sand won't stick. That means better safety.

UBBINK pondfoil is completely stabile, made of undestroyed plastic. You can get it in all sizes and it will last for at least 50 years. It is very important when you choose pondfoil that it is UV-stabilized so that the sun won't break it down by time. It shouldn't be made of recycled materials, if it is, it may contain lead, copper or Cadmium. UBBINKS long experience guarantees you a pondfoil of the best quality.

UBBINK gives you 10-years guarantee on the following
· UV-steadiness
· Frost-steadiness
· Against putrefaction

Rubber Carpet
UBBINKS rubberflex is made of rubber. It is totally insensitive to cold. It is very flexible to. You can pull it out to 4 times it's original length. The carpet is 1 mm thick and that makes it very resistible to any mechanical damages. You can choose it in any size you want.

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