Specially glued pondfoil.
If you want a foil in a special size, You can order it from your trade-dealer. It takes about 3-4 weeks to be delivered. Of course you will get the same guarantee. You can easily glue the foil yourself with UBBINKS special glue. The surface you want to glue is best cleaned with oil-free acetone, Then you put the glue on in a thin layer. Let it dry a bit, Just until it doesn't stick anymore. Then you press the parts together. It takes about 24 hours to harden.

C: Bordercarpet
The bordercarpet is delivered in two different shapes and gives your gardenpond the natural biotop wich marks a pond in nature. The covercarpet creates a possibility to make the plantlife grow even outside the pond in a natural way and makes it easy to hide the edgefoil. It stops dirt and mud to fall down into the pond and you will avoid any problems with overfeeding. You will create a natural border between water and choreedge.

Shiny ugly choreedges when you can see the pondedge and when there is no plants growing is a common problem in both new and old ponds. Over the years it looks worse. The sign of a properly built pond is that you can't see what it is built of. The edge is the hardest part to hide.
UBBINK has got three solutions on this common problem.
The first solution is UBBINKs nylon covercarpet. It is about 1 cm thick and has got many advantages. It is delivered on a roll that is 1 m wide. You fasten it with hooks in the ground outside of the pond and the carpet will follow the edge down into the pond. After that you can put soil or sand or stones directly on the carpet and plant. The thick carpet will hold the planting substrate still and after a couple of week the plants will cover the edge nicely. This carpet is best to use when the edges are under 45░

Nylon covercarpet

The second solution is UBBINK nature covercarpet. It is made of a coconut. It is 100 % nature material With long tenability. You can plant directly through the net. This carpet is best to use when the edges are very sheer (over 45░)


D: Stonefoil
The third solution is the easiest. Our new stonefoil is just placed over the foil and it continues down into the water. It is suitable when you are making brooks or if you have very sheer edges. It is not suitable to use around the whole pond because a swampzone with plants is very important for the natural balance of the pond. This foil has got a layer of stones that is glued to the upper side. The foil is ideal for the edges and brooks.

   These are some of the advantages you get with UBBINK covercarpets
   1. When the water evaporates, you can't see the pondedges.
   2. The pond looks natural.
   3. Plants and animalfriendly
   4. Safety
     It will not break even at high temperatures
     It will protect the foil against mechanical damages

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