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Some ideas when you build yore pond.
At first you have to calculate the size of your pond lets say that you are going to build a pond with these measures.
4.50 X 3.000 meters depth 90 cm.
4.50m (length) + 3 x 0.90m (depth) = 7.20 m
3.000 m (breadth) + 3 x 0.90m (depth) = 5.70 m

The pondfoil that you will need is in the example 7.20 x 5.70 m = 43 m². If you are going to use safetyfoil you will need the same size on that. In the example we haven't planned a swampzone, you will need about 15 m covercarpet for the whole pondedge.

Plan a good place for the pond in the garden. Avoid to place it under or beside high trees. Try to plan so that the pond will get at least 6 hours sun.

When you have all the material you can start to build. Dig out the pond in the middle, and continue out to the sides. The soil that you will get from the digging, you can use for a waterfall or maybe a brook. The bottom is evened out, and stones, roots and other charp items is removed. After that you can put sand on the bottom.(see picture 1) We recommend that you use safetyfoil as protection under the pondfoil. Remember that the 2 m wide safetyfoil is overlapped with about 10 cm. You will also let 30 cm be outside the form. (see picture 2)

Now it's time to put the foil in. Place it over the hole and put stones on it all the way around. The foil is now hanging over the hole. Put the hose in the middle and fill it slowly. As the waters weight increases the foil will slowly slide down into the hole

When the foil is in it's place it is time to lay the bottomcover into the pond. You can use washed sand or turf. Fill the pond with water to ¾ and plant your plants in baskets. Lay out the covercarpet on the pondedge and let about 35 cm go down into the pond. Hooks is placed with 50 cm between each other. Do not put the hooks trough the foil. Put sand or other plantingsubstrates on the cover

Brooks and Waterfalls
A brook or a small waterfall is a living garden, it gives your garden a whole new dimension. You can make your waterfall with a piece of foil or UBBINKs finished waterfalls. A new kind of finished waterfall is covered with sand wich makes it very natural.

When you are building a brook you can use foil. If you want the foil extra formable, you can leave it in the sun and it will warm up. For decoration you can use stones and roots. In special places you can use silicon to glue the stones. A good way to create a little swampzone by the brook is to let a couple of metres foil lay outside of the brook and then put soil and turf on top. Something else that is very beautiful is to plant a Rhododendron on top and let the water run through from a small rock garden.
varfall.jpg How to do the pondedge
The zone between the pondedge and the plantation can be a problem. It's especially hard if the waterlevel variates. The foil is layed in a "bend" so that the water can't be sucked over the edge. It's important that the foil is hidden so that the pond looks natural. You can do that with a plantation, or with big stones that can be glued with silicon. The most ideal and simple solution is UBBINK covercarpet

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