All ponds needs pumps of some kind, not only to look good, but the circulation is necessary to support the biological course. Through the circulation the water is oxygenized and the temperature is equable under hot summerdays. The pump is not to be turned off during nights.

The new Greenline-pumps is delivered complete with a number of mouthpieces and transformer and the available sizes are 600 litre/hour to 2300 litres/hour. The pumps are self-lubricating, fully enclosed and therefor requiring no maintenance. The filtercassette needs only to be cleaned a couple of times per season. The prize of the complete pumps are from 490 skr including mouthpieces and transformers up to about 1200 skr for the largest model.

 Pump    Number of mouthpieces   Litres/hour    Max pressure height    Hose diam. 
 GL 101   2    600  135 cm  10 mm
 GL 102    3    900  135 cm  10 mm
 GL 201   1   1400   210 cm  34 mm
 GL 202  2  1600  230 cm  43 mm
 GL 203  3  2300  170 cm  46 cm

A tip: One of the easiest and best steps to improve the demolition and to extend the length of life on the pump is to use Aqua Interiörs filterblock.

A little running water or a small brook gives the pond a new, exiting look. You do not need a large pump if you just want a little running water. The look of the fountain is regulated with different mouthpieces. With all the Greenline pumps there is 1-3 different mouthpieces and a telescope-pipe wich makes it easy to adjust the height of the fountain.

The Lighting
A lighting of some form looks good in connection with a gardenpond. It could be a spotlight that lights up a beautiful group of plants or maybe your brook during dark autumnights. There are lights that you can place in the water to give your fountain more effect.

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