King George grew up in Virginia in the American South. In the sixties, he moved up to New York and started singing in Harlem clubs. In 1965 he performed at the legendary Apollo Theather together with Don Covay, writer of hits like "Have Mercy" and "Chain Of Fools" After leaving Don Covay And The Goodtimers King George started his solo career by recording "Drive On James" for RCA Victor with parts of the Ray Charles Band such as the drummer Bernard Purdie and J.J. Johnson on trombone. The single went up on the English charts very soon after the release.
King George at the Åmål Blues Festival
King George was also going around clubs like Small's Paradise in Harlem, jamming with among others, The King Curtis Band and Curtis Knight. His band featured Jimi Hendrix at the time. This is when Jimi and George really became friends. They worked together before, for example during the recording of "Have Mercy" but did not really get together in the studio. At this time they all lived in the same building on upper west side in New York and hung around the clubs in the Village. By the time Jimi Hendrix had not yet became famous.
One night when King George performed at a club, a Scandinavian agent heard him sing, and offered him a contract to tour in Europe with a black R&B band by the name of Harlem Kiddies. This was the first black rhytm'n'bluesband that came to Europe from the States. Meanwhile Jimi Hendrix was brought to Europe by Chas Chandler, and George and Jimi's friendship continued there. The Harlem Kiddies warmed up for The Jimi Hendrix Experience in Copenhagen, and they met several times, both in England and in Scandinavia. Last time George saw Jimi Hendrix was one week before he died at a concert at Gröna Lund in Stockholm.
King George with the singers and dancers Josefina & Pia
King George has worked as a solo artist with a great number of musicians and groups, both in Europe and in The States, but meanwhile he has always had an own group. After Harlem Kiddies broke up he formed King George Discovery and later The King George Bluesology, also known as The KGB. During the years he has made several records and tours. The CD,"Live In Europe" was recorded at CPM, the well-known jazz and blues club in Geneva, Switzerland during one of the many European tours the KGB did together. Also here in Europé he has had the possibility to work with some of the greatest bluesplayers, like Luther Allison, Louisiana Red, Albert Collins, Johnny Copeland and many more. King Georges music has a modern sound, but the true blues roots always shine through. Blues is one of the music styles that is hardest to define, as many traditional bluesmusicians also do experimental music, but blues is a feeling you have in the body and it can be performed in many different ways. Luther Alliso often got sad by people's comments that he ain't playing he blues. One year later he recieved the WC Hand award, - One of the most respectable prices in the bluesworld.
King George on tour in Norway
King George is now based in Gothenburg, Sweden and the cooperation with Swedish musicians like Peps Persson, Tottas Bluesband, Ulf Wakenius, Tony Ellis, Conny Sjökvist and Kjell Jansson has contributed to his special way of mixing different types of music.
The downhome blues of Muddy Waters, the rhythm & blues of Ray Charles, the Otis Redding soul, the Bob Marley reggae, the teaching and learning of music has resulted in a new expression, Bluesology! King George Bluesology is the name of his new group and it's featuring a new selection of members who gives the group a more soulful sound. A big part of this sound is built on King Georges special way of playing bass on a guitar. He has developed a vey individual sound that is hard to copy.
Even if this is the basic setting of the group they often bring special guest artists such as different horn players, keyboard players or percussionists. That's one of the reasons why one KGB concert never is like another one. The band developes constantly and the inprovisation with local musicians is often a big part of the performance. Bluesology is one of King Georges many project. He is also a member of the R&B band Black Moses which had a few hits played on MTV. He also made a sinle called "Funky Kinda Groove" which went up on the dance charts in Scandinavia last summer. These projects are King Georges own interpretation of blues and he makes a point of showing that you can create the Blues in many different shapes. Something that BB King among other people has shown by his cooperation with U2. Blues is more of a feeling you pass over to the audience through the music than a set music style that can easily be defined. Many well known bluesmen, for example Luther Allison and Johnny Copeland has proved this during the years.
At the moment King George is preparing to release a new live album with his german group Sorpresa. In September they sucessfully toured Germany, and in November they will do their first Scandinavian tour together.

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