King George meets Sorpresa

Concert in Dillingen, Germany
King George & Gerd Schneider

Sorpresa is King Georges german band and they are based in Saarland on the french border. The members are: Herry Weiland on drums, Gerd Schneider on guitar and Jörg Pöck on bass. The group was formed in 1993 and they have made several tours around Europe and backed up artists like Rare Earth, Moody Marsden and Randy Hansen. Sorpresas bluesrock together with King Georges soulful voice results in a heavy bluessound with influences from Jimi Hendrix. Their next tour together will be in Scandinavia in November 2001 and in Germany, France and Holland in March 2002.

Herry Weiland & Jörg Pöck
King George & Gerd Schneider

Sorpresas german website

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