The friendship between King George & Jimi Hendrix

King George & Jimi Hendrix in Stockholm
King George and Jimi Hendrix met the first time in New York in the sixties. They became friends and started to hang out at the club "The Lighthouse. By then Jimi Hendrix was almost unknown and was jamming around in the small clubs in Harlem. Jimi & George had a lot of things in common, especially concerning the music. Among other things they both worked with Don Covay and participated on his album "Have Mercy" George remembers that Jimi Hendrix was the person who introduced him to Bob Dylans music, which was unknown at the time. George, Jimi, a drummer by the name of Jimi Mayes and some other people shared a house on upper west side. They hung out in places like Smalls Paradise in Harlem, but also in Greenwich Village.

In 1966 King George got an offer to become the singer in the black rhythm'n'blues band Harlem Kiddies and go on tour to Europe. About the same time Jimi Hendrix was brought to England by Chas Chandler. The friendship continued and when Jimi Hendrix made a tour in Denmark in 1967 Harlem Kiddies with King George was the warm up group. This year the Harlem Kiddies released a live record called "Live in Las Vegas" which was recorded in Copenhagen. The last time they met was only one week before Jimi died.
Jimi Hendrix with Georges daughter DItte
Jimi & George met many times in Stockholm where King George used to play at the
Golden Circle. In 1968 Jimi Hendrix had a son in Sweden and George had a daughter in the same age. After a concert Jimi was going to meet his son for the first time, but the mother did not bring him. Lately George has been one of the withness in the American trial about if the son is going to get officially accepted as Jimis child. Jimi Hendrix never met his son, but once in Stockholm he mixed him up with George's daughter Ditte. At the time they looked almost identical.

Jimi Hendrix backstage
King George and Jimi Hendrix does not only have the music in common. They both write lyrics in the same poetic way. Jimi Hendrix and King George are also related through ancesters from the Cherokee indians. During the years King George has participated in some reunions with among others the band members from the old Jimi Hendrix Experience. He has also helped with the writing of the biography "Electric Gypsy" and he performed at the opening of the Jimi Hendrix exhibition in Stockholm. King George is an alive example that Jimi Hendrix' music will never die. -I talked to Jimi a lot about the music, and he had so many ideas that he never got to record. But I'm sure of one thing, If he was alive today his music would sound very different. He was always ahed of time in his music. The guitarsound people still try to copy with the help of a lot of technical equipment he did only with his guitar and his amp.

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