King George & his guitar

The American blues and soul singer King George is famous for his intensive voice and energy on stage. The music has been a part of his life since he left Virginia in the Sixties to become a singer in New York.

During the years he's been working with a great number of musicians, for example Don Covay, Jimi Hendrix and the Ray Charles Band. He has also experimented with more modern music styles by performing with the band Black Moses and explored the techno music as a V2 recording artist. The combination of different music styles weaved together by an extarordinary voice has made King George known as "The Mega-Medley-Man".

King George is based in Sweden since several years but he is constantly on tour in Europe, mainly in Germany & Holland. He call the mixture of European influences together with the downhome blues of Muddy Waters, the rhythm'n'blues of Ray Charles, the Otis Redding Soul, the Bob Marley Reggae and the Afro rhythms of Fela Kuti "Bluesology". Bluesology is also the name of his Swedish group, but lately he's been touring successfully in Germany together with a German bad by the name Sorpresa. In November they will make their first tour together in Scandinavia.

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Last updated: 2005 08 14