Linux driver for the Primax Colorado Direct 9600 scanner
and other scanners based on the 'E3' ASIC.

LAST UPDATE:     2001.03.04 ---- pxscan-0.41

This is actually a user program that talks directly to the scanner via the printerport. It does not support usb.

NEW in version 0.4:

Download the following two files. You will also need libtiff to build this driver.



<>There is also a GUI for this driver.    Have a look at



-- version 0.4  pxscan-0.4.tgz

-- version 0.3 does not exist

-- version 0.2 pxscan-0.2.tgz

-- version 0.1  pxscan-0.1.tgz

For more information on Primax scanner drivers for Linux go to Primax for Linux

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