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About Simonaho Designs
Simonaho Designs has been on The Web since 1992. Today, Web and Graphic Designs by Simonaho Designs can be found all over the world. The past four years has seen a significant increase in the demand for our services on the World Wide Web and we have been concentrating our efforts in that area with spectacular results.

Your website is your signature. It says what kind of business-person you are. By letting a Professional Web Designer make your business website, you can be assured that the website works for you - not against you! An unattractive business website can result in lost income. Three powerful points to keep in mind when ordering a Website Design! 
Our Scandinavian approach to design and graphics has a great appeal around the world. Many sites that we have created, or where graphics we have developed are utilized, are world famous. 

This Website
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The Order Forms pages might "freeze" 10-15 seconds if using some versions of Netscpe 4.0n and Netscpe 3.0n. This is a known bug in Netscape. However, we wanted the forms look this way. If your browser "freezes", you most likely have a buggy one. Get a new one here!

All files on the parent directory are copyrighted by Simonaho Designs or by the companies we have made the files for. Any reproduction or editing by any means mechanical or electronic without the express written permission of Simonaho Designs or the company we have produced the graphic(s) for is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation.

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