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Matti E. Simonaho by Matti E. Simonaho is a private open source company devoted to providing secure, scalable, full-featured web applications. Their engineers are proficient with technologies such as client and server-side Java, CGI, Perl, CORBA, SQL, HTML, DHTML, ASP, XML, Graphics Design with Adobe Photoshop, and UNIX and WinNT/95 Server Administration and Security.

The engineers of have been speakers at O'Reilley's Perl Conference, ApacheCon and Web Design and Development teaching tutorials on web commerce, web application development, Apache Administration and Security, Cross-Platform Java Development, and Perl Development for CGI. They have also developed and deliver several multi-day training sessions on topics including UNIX, Web-based RDBM Systems, Perl, Java, HTML Design, Photoshop, Web Security and Software Engineering for the Non-Technical Webmaster.

The Past
In the summer of 1994, the Selena Sol Public Domain Script Archive went on-line with user documentation and source code that had been written by Eric Tachibana for use at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) website. The Archive was developed primarily out of a desire to provide documentation of web technologies and applications that Tachibana considered fundamental to the future web infrastructure. Initially, the archive was to be a public service for other web application developers who were facing similar problems in the early days of the web revolution.

For the past five years, the engineers at have provided the web community with well-documented, scalable, open source, and feature-rich web applications. They use a broad range of technologies including client and server-side Java, CGI, SSI, SSL, JavaScript, ASP, DHTML, Servlets, and SQL. was awarded dozens of net achievement awards, was featured in several online and offline magazines, was mirrored on five continents, and eventually attracted the interests of publishers such as WAITE, M&T Press, and Wiley.

The Present
Applications designed by are installed and operational in thousands of sites on five continents. Customers include government bodies, universities, private companies, and even quite a few web-hobbyists. has a broad range of tutorials covering almost any area of web development your company needs work on. Their tutorials have been taught at companies internationally for several years and have also been featured at conferences such as Web Design and Development, LINUXWorld, ApacheCon, and O'Reilley's Perl Conference. In many cases, clients prefer install, customize, and maintain applications from the Web Ware Suite virtually or on-site.

With years in the field and dozens of custom designed web applications under their belts, they have the skills and intuition necessary to develop full-featured, easily versionable, user-friendly applications. Why hire a full web development staff if your business is not the development of web applications?

If you are a web developer in search of full-featured, well-tested, install-out-of-the-box web applications or if you are part of an internet-aware company looking for custom application designers, you got to visit can help you define, design, develop and maintain applications that suit your individual needs.

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