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A nice, appealing website with a pedagogical linking system and promotion of the website goes hand-in-hand. If you fail in any of those two categories, you lose clients. From time to time we found interesting articles on the Internet and publish them here. In the articles below youŽll find many valuable tips! Most of the articles have been published by InternetDay.

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On every Article page you find the e-mail address and URL of the respective author. Please don't contact us if you have comments or questions on the article - contact the author.

New: Web Design for Success! by Matti E. Simonaho
Let your visitors get to know you by Judy Vorfeld

1 Web promotion by Michael Newman
2 Answer your e-mails by Bryan Hall
3 Making contacts through kindness by Bryan Hall
4 Advice for successful marketing by Jim Herring
5 Small-Budget Marketing by Jim Daniels
6 Professionally made scripts by Matti E. Simonaho
7 How important are virtual domains? by Dennis R. Melton
8 Web Marketing Fundamentals by Stephen Oachs
9 Choose your partners wisely by Herby Olchewski
10 Business Promotion on the Internet by Carole Dunn
11 Does your website work for you? by Matti E. Simonaho

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