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Bryan Hall by Bryan Hall

How many times have you gone to a website and liked it so much that you took some of their ideas, etc and incorporated them into your own site? Hmm? Let's be honest - you would be considered "rare & unusual" if you hadn't done so(yet).

Now that we're looking ourselves head-on in the mirror, let's answer this question:

How many times have you sent an email to the site's webmaster or customer service or comments mail address and said "THANK YOU"?? This keys in to making contacts, gaining incredibly useful resources and affiliations, boosting your own website, ... and simply showing some compassion & kindness to your fellow "netizens".

"Thank you" can go a long way. It takes, what, maybe a minute or so to say "Thanks", and send the email? Right. So why don't you do it? Have you realized yet that one of the most inherent, incredible characteristics of the web itself is the helpful, resourceful, "angels" who work together for the good of one another to make it all click?

It's time to realize this, if you haven't already. If you have, that's great - that's how it "should" be. But I would venture to say, from experience with people as well as with a web-based business, that most of you haven't realized this to the point that you will actually take one or two minutes of your time to send that appreciative email. And, you should feel appreciative of just about any site you visit; if they weren't doing a good job to attract your attention, you wouldn't have visited there in the first place. So, that in itself is a major accomplishment for a website's authors, promoters, webmasters, marketing team, etc (oftentimes, one person in the same).

Let me give a few examples of how I've made this work for myself, both in being kind ("thankful" ) to someone & in making a solid, lasting contact:

Thanks to some kind words to the Hyperbanner offspring, JAnimation, JB Hall Worldwide is the exclusive reseller of the JAnimation (Java animation) JAn Tool program. Yes, from a few kind words, that relationship evolved almost overnight!

Silicon Prairie Software Company, a fast-rising, cutting-edge custom programming and software company. Just through a few simple, appreciative comments to the webmaster of this site, and I now offer links to them with their own designated page in our software storefront.
This company is one of those raging wildfires on the Web that just can't be extinguished, with applications being featured on, NewApps (from Newslinx), and more.
You think their addition to my site isn't valuable? Try INvaluable -- just from a few comments of appreciation to the site's webmaster! Increased traffic, great deals on their programs for us, and - most importantly - a contact who is willing to give a helping hand if needed ... because we're helping each other.

This has also worked well for me with companies like CaraGraphics Inc, the Free Site , The Freeware Home, Link-O-Matic and many more! It's not just "kiss up" lip service.
Don't bother sending someone a note of appreciation unless you truly appreciate them in some way; honesty is the only policy.

I'm not suggesting here that you spend 50% of your logged-on time sending emails to say "Thanks" or "Nice work" or even, "I didn't care for your site but I DID like how you ...".
But when you see something you really like, or get something out of, or return to even only twice, it surely wouldn't hurt anyone - your precious time included - to take a minute to show some appreciation. What if half of all the people who visited YOUR website sent you an email like that? You'd probably smile from dusk till dawn. And you would likely repeat the pattern.

Wow - imagine it! How would it effect your business? your contacts base? your success??

Article by Bryan Hall, "webmaster", for JB Hall Worldwide.
JB Hall Worldwide specializes in consulting and resources, as well as affiliations with most top names/brands on the Internet today. FREE ezine, InSites News & Updates (& More!) is a great shortcut to updates & free stuff - subscribe today. *Exclusive resellers of JAnimation [Java animation] software - free download on site.*

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