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Java Special Effects

It has never been easier to add JavaTM applets on your website. And you can make magic on a website with the right JavaTM applets made by outstanding professionals.
Simonaho Designs is proud to present Demicron, a Swedish company dedicated to develop state of the art software for the Internet using a scientific approach. They have knowledge in physics, math and computer science, which combined with innovative minds gives them the cutting edge!

Demicron has released a Java applet package called MenuMaster and the applets in that package brings the navigation of a website above and beyond anything else. The applet names like menu3d, shimmermenu, mechmenu, transparentmenu, treemenu, treeslidemenu, rowsubmenu, sphere3dmenu and wheel3dmenu gives a hint on what you can expect but believe me, you'll get more!

Together with the AppletFX package and the Visual Applet Configurator, you truly can make magic on a website. Only your imagination can set the limits on what you can do with those two applet packages!

AppletFX and MenuMaster are really a must for every up-to-date Web Master/Web Designer who want to have the best tools available.

Simonaho Designs recently invested in both Applet FX and MenuMaster applet packages made by Demicron - the World's leading Java developer. Combined with our expertise in other areas, we are now in an unique position to create eye-catching and professional web productions.

Javapower by Demicron

Visit Demicron's website and learn more about
their powerful applet packages - JavaFX and Menumaster!








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